Imagine Having MORE Than Enough Time And Energy To Prioritize Yourself...

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How to know if The Energy Edit is for YOU...

  • If you're like most of the women I've worked with, you've spent thousands of hours and dollars searching to find a solution to feeling better, having more energy and better balance in your life so that you can stop feeling like you're running in waist deep mud.
  • You want to work less, get out of overwhelm, have more fun, find better balance and create more time and space for the things that matter most to you. Including your own health and well-being.
  • If you've been trying to be more focused and stop procrastinating but it's obvious that you're realizing that another time management program or fancy scheduler isn't the answer. You already know what you "should" be doing and get frustrated when life takes over, and you let yourself go.  
  • Your well-being is suffering because you want to do more (you've got a BIG vision), but don't know how that's possible without sacrificing more of your time and energy. 
  • You're tired of being hard on yourself and not feeling good about where you're at in your life even though it feels like you're doing all the things.
  • You want to know how to trust yourself so that you can feel more confident, have more clarity and make decisions that support how you want to feel instead of working from "shoulds".
  • Not only that, but you want to make taking care of yourself non-negotiable and not just when conditions are perfect... which is pretty much never. 
  • The fact that you've been tuning into the Full Frontal Living™ Podcast or following my content means you're probably realizing that it's your subconscious beliefs and stories need to change but how can you change what you're not aware of? 

The Energy Edit is for YOU

If you struggle to make time for yourself and the things that matter to you because you lack the time and energy. You may or may not have already realized that if NOTHING changes NOTHING changes, that's part of the problem and exactly why you need this program. 

This is an interactive live 4 week workshop and transformational coaching program that's for you if you're tired of having inconsistent energy, are ready to feel good, and trust yourself to make YOU a priority

FOUR weeks to get clear on what is draining your energy so that you can edit what isn't working and discover what you need to have unlimited energy and a feeling of well-being.

What is it costing you to feel fatigued all the time? Outbursts at your family? Lack of productivity towards your goals? Lack of clarity? Constant procrastination? Frustration? Anger? Resentment? Lack of joy or feeling of fun in your life?

Maybe you're stuck in a constant cycle of overdoing yet feeling like you still need to do more?

Now just imagine what it would feel like to have consistent energy, more focus, more ease, have more fun, and no longer struggle with the energetic ups and downs so that you could give more to yourself and the people and things you love... What would be possible for YOU if you become that woman?

What to expect in this FOUR week interactive workshop

Imagine if FOUR weeks from now you could have clarity on how to take inventory of your energy and feel confident about letting things go so that you can create more time, space and energy for the things that matter most.

These FOUR weeks will require you to put aside 90 minutes a week to focus on YOU.

This is a commitment to making the time weekly to discover what needs to happen for you to have a deep and meaningful relationship with your physical and emotional well-being. 

"Things we love and VALUE, we take care of" 

This FOUR-week interactive workshop has been designed for the woman who has a full schedule, lots of demands on her time, AND is CONSTANTLY putting herself last.

If you're reading this struggling to figure out how you're going to put aside 90 minutes a week just for you, then you can see exactly WHY you need to join the Full Frontal Living™ Energy Edit, can you not?

This isn't about adding another "to do" to your list or giving you a self-care box to tick. The Energy Edit has been designed to help you quickly do the deep, inside- out- work that will transform how you see your relationship with the people, places and things costing you your energy.

The Energy Edit will transform you into the woman who embodies self-worth, self-respect and self-love so you can feel more peace, joy, ease and fun while finding more balance with all the plates you've probably been spinning. You'll discover how to make choices that support your energy management with ease to create the life you want to be living.

Your well-being is the foundation of a healthy, happy and fulfilling life, yet it's often the most neglected thing I see with my clients. Once you understand how to look at your life differently, you'll quickly realize how easily you can reclaim your energy, your confidence and have the balance you're seeking.

You'll soon become the woman who has more than enough time and energy to take care of all the things she loves, including yourself.

I could tell you that these results and more are possible for you, but I won't, I'll let you discover it for yourself when you join The Full Frontal Living™ Energy Edit.

I'm joining The Energy Edit! 

Here's how it works...

Every week starting on October 5, 2022, we will meet for a 90-min LIVE and interactive workshop and transformational coaching session.

During these calls we will be working together creating awareness in real time as to what is causing you to be lacking energy, focus, consistency and ability to prioritize yourself and the things that matter in your life and business. You will be cozied up in the comfort of your own home and will have time to listen, reflect and write about what comes up for you with the prompts I'll be providing.

Then (if you choose) you can open up for a coaching seat, get support to shift what you discover and share your insights. There will be an opportunity for interaction every step of the way, with YOU deciding how you want to participate.

Awareness is the first step toward transformation, and over these four weeks we are going to shine a light on your blind spots so that you can make new choices that support what you want and how you want to feel.

I guarantee that you'll have so many light bulbs going off, it will feel like you're at a brilliant fireworks display-- held in your honor.

This isn't a surface level program.

I'm known for my straight forward, and lovingly disruptive approach to coaching that creates massive transformation in my clients.

Once you begin to understand the thoughts, beliefs and activities that have been keeping you stuck, you'll shift them, so you can create a new way of showing up in your world.
Vibrant, focused, and with clarity and balance.

You'll also easily create more well-being in ALL areas of your life.

Physically, emotionally, financially, and in your relationships.

You'll become a better mom, wife, CEO, entrepreneur but most importantly you'll know how to create the energy, time and space for all the things that matter in your life.

Most importantly, YOU.

Your FOUR WEEKLY 90-minute calls coaching calls take place Wednesdays at Noon PST beginning on October 5, 2022

Rest assured a recording will be made

available if you can't join us live.

This is the coaching my 1:1 clients pay thousands of dollars for and it's available to you inside The Energy Edit for a fraction of the price at $1111. 

At the end of FOUR weeks, you will BE the woman who knows what it means to love and value yourself enough to edit your energy and put yourself first. #guaranteed

You'll reclaim your energy, feel confident, and be ready to take on the world.

The best part is you'll never again compromise on what it means for you to take care of yourself and throwing yourself under the bus when life happens will be a thing of the past.

You'll BE the woman who makes taking care of yourself a priority and a non-negotiable part of every day.

You'll not only have more energy, but will LOVE how easy it is to make changes that support how you want to feel, give you the time and space you're craving so that you can make the impact in the world you're here to make.

Struggles with lack of energy will be a thing of the past, and making choices that support you feeling your best will become easy.

Doors close October 3rd and we kick off October 5th

I invite you to INVEST in the most important relationship in your life... YOU!


Maybe you haven't decided to join The Energy Edit yet,
but the more you think about it,
the more you'll realize that
joining this program right now
is exactly what you need to make YOU a priority and reclaim your energy.